Meet Lexi 

Between releasing with BonFire records and collectively gaining nearly 70K Spotify streams on her music, Lexi Scatena is making a name for herself as a rising Independent Pop Artist.


Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, the 21-year-old kicked off her career in Reno, Nevada when lockdown hit in early 2020.

In late 2019, she moved to Europe, where she performed at a number of bars and met with the producer, Chris Durkin. Together, the two wrote and recorded Scatena's debut Pop/RnB single, "Just a Phase." The song was later released with BonFire records and reached audiences internationally on the streaming service, Audiomack.

When Scatena returned to Nevada, she met songwriter Garrett Raffaelli. The two wrote a number of songs, including Scatena's most recent independent release, "Out of the Dark." Since its release on January 26, 2021, it has slowly grown popular on social media apps like TikTok & Instagram and was featured on Alice 96.5 Top 40 Radio.

Through her soulful and unique sound and honest songwriting, Scatena's authenticity has connected with young girls ages 12-15 across all media platforms, as well as young adults ages 18-25. She is reminiscent of Lorde, Sara Bareilles, & JOY.

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